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Maternity Nurse

Each family has their own reasons for employing a maternity nanny/ maternity nurse or night nanny.

If you need extra support at home with a newborn baby (or twins or triplets), we can help you find a highly qualified professional maternity nanny to help you how, when & where you need it the most.

A maternity nurse, or night nanny, provides families with expert, specialist care for baby and mum during the first few weeks/months after birth in the comfort of their own home.  Such invaluable support is there exactly when and where you need it, to help you adjust to your new family member and establish good feeding and sleeping routines.

Commonly, the support is most required where mum needs to recover from the birth or a caesarean section, where one or both parents need to return to work quickly, or for specialist support for breast-feeding, colic and sleeping problems.

Also some families, especially where both parents work, choose to employ a maternity care specialist to ensure they are rested enough to return to work – sometimes until baby is sleeping through.

Mary Poppins Services is a well-established agency, reputated for being a professional,  experienced and friendly childcare agency, not only in Marbella & Sotogrande, but also in the whole Costa del Sol and Gibraltar, and our maternity nannies are highly- trained or experienced nannies with extensive newborn experience, nurses or midwifes and trained in post-natal care and their main role is to look after mum and her newborn.

Families that employ a maternity nurse or night nanny state that the main benefit was to be able to rest and recuperate knowing that a professional has looked after everything.

A Maternity Nanny is responsible for the day to day care of the newborn baby taking sole/shared charge with the mother performing all “Nursery Duties” which include preparing bottles, cooking babies meals and sterilizing bottles and nursery equipment.

Maternity Nannies often start a position working 24/6 and then reduce hours to 12 hours per day once the baby is sleeping through the night, but remain on 24 “on call”.


Our candidates are top qualified, trustworthy and have been pre screened personally by us. We do initial interviews with maternity nannies to ensure they are a good match for your family before sending you a candidate.

Hire a night nanny

A night nanny provides support from evening until morning and helps look after your baby and enables mum to rest. If you’re breast-feeding, your night nanny can bring baby to mum for a feed and then settle the baby back to sleep.

Duties of a maternity nurse

The main responsibilities of a private maternity nurse involve:

Salary of maternity nurses

Maternity nurses are normally self-employed and their salaries vary according to age, experience, location and whether they are responsible for a single baby, twins or triplets.
Please bear in mind that many nurses will have limited time to interview as they mostly work 6 days a week, 24 hours a day, leaving only one day open for interviews.
It is essential that you find a Maternity nanny / nurse who suits your particular needs; we therefore strongly recommend that you book your maternity nurse many months in advance. This ensures that you have a selection of high caliber nanny to choose from as most nurses book up fast.

If you wish to book a maternity nanny/nurse, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Advance bookings are highly recommended.