Mary Poppins Services is a company created to provide families peace of mind and tranquility.

Mary Poppins Services started in 2012 after Angeles Contreras, former international lawyer, realized the needs of these services in Marbella, and now after these years, it has become the first and most reputated domestic staff Agency based in the Costa del Sol in the recruitment of highly-qualified household staff and nannies, offering an exclusive and personalized service for their clients, not only in whole Spain but also worldwide.

The background and experience of her founder Angeles as a International Lawyer in Marbella for more than 15 years, who was working side by side to foreigners and experts based in Marbella during so many years, as well as, specially, as her own personal experience of being married to a Danish man, having a lovely Scandinavian-Spanish daughter, made her realize and understand so deeply the kind of needs that many families, but especially those international expats families, residing in Marbella could have when moving to Spain.

Even Mary Poppins Services is a Marbella based agency, due to client’s needs, it did not take her long until it was launched throughout the world and continue to expand to be able to serve their international clients.   

Through a network of qualified contacts, Mary Poppins services has become efficient agency worldwided, so we are proud to provide services in Marbella, Sotogrande, Madrid, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Gibraltar and in whole Europe, specially in London, Denmark, Holland, Monaco & Switzerland, among others places in the world.

We can be proud to say that we work now worldwide

The main aim of the agency is to provide families peace of mind and tranquility.  As Angeles used to say when she started the aim of the agency was to recruit those kinds of reliable professional people that she would love to have in her own house, feeling confidence and relax.

It is a given that “the people we recruit have of course wide experience in domestic services and excellent references, but yet we insist on something extra.”This ethos has served the agency well as clients recommendations have been the most vital and important aspect of the success of Mary Poppins , as we can say that 80% of new clients have been by word of mouth recommendations and satisfied returning clients”


Why hire us

1) Confidence, confidence, confidence… The aim of our company is just simple: we want to help our clients to find the right domestic candidate reliable and dedicated and we only seek out experienced and professional candidates, as we are very strict and rigorous recruiting our candidates.

All of them have minimum 4 years of checkable experience in a similar job position that the client needs, and 2 references from previous employers, which we have checked personally, and they have to be  e x c e l l e n t.

2) Save time, money and annoyances… Avoid endless interviews, questions and phone calls. Just call us once explaining what you need and what you are looking for and we take care of the rest.   Our aim is not to send you lots of candidates – it is just to send you the right one.

3) Prompt results …  Mary Poppins Services has an extensive and mature database as well as good connections and network of contacts that make us able to recruit high caliber household staff in the shortest time possible.

4) Free Guarantee during 4 months… If during this period, the candidate does not fit the profile that the client needs, we offer a guarantee of 3 replacements for free until the client is completely satisfied with the services.

5) The most important one… We want to ease your life… We can help you with all the bureaucracy connected with the hiring of your employee, we are always available to answer any questions you may have and always answer those questions promptly and based in our wide experience in this field.4