Adult Care OLD

The best alternative for your loved ones to stay in their own home, maintain their routine and live independtly for longer

Our experienced caregivers provide personalized support, promoting independence and enhancing quality of life

What can a caregiver do for your loved ones?

At Mary Poppins Services, we understand the importance of providing exceptional care and support for your elderly loved ones.

With a deep commitment to compassion, dignity, and respect, we offer a comprehensive range of adult care services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Live-in caregivers perform a range of domestic and personal care duties to support wellbeing, allowing elderly people to stay in their own home – but it’s more than just that.

Duties of a carer

Our caregivers

We do a specific search and selection to find the appropriate candidates who match your requirements. We always do reference and documentation check to all our candidates. We will share our interview n otes with you so you can better understand the profile & personality of each candidate we introduce.

All our candidates will have legal working permit, minimum 5 years experience as live in caregiver, and e x c e l l e n t  checked references from former employers with whom we have been personally in contact.

For us is extremely important to screen our candidates and check their references with their previous employers and we take really seriously to follow a strict recruitment process.

How much should I pay for a Live in caregiver?

The salary of a full time English speaking Live – in caregiver in Spain starts from 1400€/ month net (14 monthly payments a year) + Spanish Social Security quotas (insurance) + holidays.

Also food and accommodation are provided by the family. The Spanish Social security quotas (Insurance) amount approx 450€/month and they have 4 weeks holidays paid a year.

In Europe, the salary of a live-in caregiver can vary based on factors such as the country, the experience needed, the duties and responsibilities involved, etc.

As a rough estimate, the monthly net salary for a live-in caregiver in Europe can range from 2.000€ to 3.500€ or more.

Also benefits such as accommodation, meals, and health insurance are part of their employment package.

For a precise information on Live-in caregiver salaries in a specific European country, get in contact with us.

Our fees & Guarantee

The fees of our agency amount 1 month salary of the candidate selected (+ V.A.T 21%) (it is a just once payment) and they include free guarantee during 5 months of 3 replacements in case you were not completely satisfied with the candidate, so we will automatically introduce another candidate within the next 10 working days.

How do we work

Once we confirm you that we can help your with your enquiry, we start with your search immediately.

Withing the next 1-6 days (depending on the requested profile) we will introduce a candidate. We use to introduce from 1 to max 3 of them, as we only propose those screened candidates that have all the criteria that a client indicate, so nobody spends time unnecessarily.

Even a CV brings the important information, lately we are feeling that sending our clients introductory videos made by the candidates themselves helps them a lot to know more about them and it brings additional info that a paper could never do. We can see that our clients love this way more and more as much as we do.

When a client likes any of the candidate introduced, we arrange between them a personal interview, if possible, or a Zoom interview, according to the availability of both parties. If after the interview a client wants a candidate to start, and the candidate is happy as well, then everybody is happy. We get paid our fees and they start the relation between them.

And what is something goes wrong? No worries. You can count on Our guarantee above indicated so you can always feel assisted and covered.


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