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Almudena, 42 years old, Spanish

Almudena is graduated in Social Work. Children are her passion and she is an experienced nanny who has worked with families and in schools.

cat-icon Marbella, España


Ana is extremely profesional and flexible. She has a wide experience in children with special needs and has a hight capacity to adapt herself to a changing circumstances. She is hardworking, with no doubts to assume new reponsabilities. She is creative finding new activities with the childrens.

cat-icon Marbella, España

Catherine, 28 years old, English-Spanish

Catherine is a half english-half spanish nanny. Dedicated to her work, loves children above all things

Eli, 31 years old, Spanish

Eli is an extraordinary special nanny with high quality interpersonal skills.

cat-icon Marbella, España

Heather, 33 years old, bilingual English – Spanish

She is a confident, well-mannered and responsible nanny, with a special ability to develop close relationships with children and families because of her excellent communication skills and courteous manner.

cat-icon Marbella, España

Itziar, 40 years old, Spanish

Her references are excelent, they say she is very reliable, dynamic, nice, funny, calm and hard worker. They state that she has a special talent for children.

cat-icon Marbella, España


She was born in Argentina but has Spanish nationality. Lourdes is active and creative. As a nanny is really funny and responsable, as well as respectful and intelligent. She is a very competent person and hardworking.

cat-icon Marbella, España

María Fernandez

Very nice person and very caring with the kids. We’ll be pleased to work with her again....

Marta, 28 years old, Spanish

Marta is always updated her knowledge and studies. Certainly she is absolutely interested in children education. Consecuently she has a wide experience . Above all, she loves to take care of the childrens and give them fun and attention.

cat-icon Marbella, España

Marta, Spanish, 43 years

Marta is always interested to find a new perspective in education labour , and she is always updated her knowledge and studies. She is a young woman with a experience as private teacher in Switzerland, taking care of Embassy political counsellor childrens . Also she was caring and giving fun and attention to these childrens. She is very flexible and resolute, with a special aptitude to get adapted to every situation. Her references mentioned her flexibility and her complete reliability.

cat-icon Marbella, España
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