(WORLDWIDE SERVICE)

Some of our clients request household staff or nannies for  their holidays in Marbella (or in any part of the world). They would like to benefit from a high quality service, similar to the best luxury hotels, in the privacy of their holiday homes.

We can help our clients providing staff such as chofers, chefs, nannies and housekeepers, whether in their own homes and/or holiday homes, or simply whilst travelling. Our clients also request household staff for specific events, such as Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Luxury estate agents also contact us to provide good and reliable household staff for clients wishing to rent luxury accommodation with domestic service included.

We have generally been very successful in placing exquisite domestic staff for international clients from all over the world coming down to Marbella,or wherever the travel to help them feel really comfortable and at home.

Depending on the request, we can provide all types of staff:

  • Housekeepers (Live in or Live out)
  • Butlers
  • Chofers
  • Holiday Nannies
  • Chefs

 The rate varies depending on the profile requested and also depending on the season of the year.

If you want to get more info. about your holiday domestic staff, please get in contact with us here!


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